UFO BUST! Episode 1 Debunking Billy Meier's First Contact

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UFO BUST! Episode 1   Debunking Billy Meier's First ContactUFO BUST! Episode 1 Debunking Billy Meier's First Contact Phil Langdon
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Episode 1
First Contact

Billy Meier is EXPOSED by Kal Korff

In 1998 "Worlds Greatest Hoaxes" aired on FOX TV and the whole world finally saw for the first time a REAL investigations findings concerning the Billy Meier UFO contact case. Kal Korff had been to the locations Meier took some of his most famous photos and discovered it was impossible to frame large objects there as dipicted in the photos. They could ONLY be done with small models about 1 feet wide.

The fact that Meier's own ex-wife finally revealed the truth about her hoaxing husband is testament to Kal Korff's investigation. It backs up and proves his conviction that Meier is a CONMAN through and through who will stop at nothing to protect his cottage industry.

Meier has made so much money from publishing deals and selling his photos to TV stations/magazines and ANY media that will publish them that he got an "easy life" by living off funds supplied by other people. It's easy to take pity on a man who seems so harmless and charming with his remaining one arm but Meier has the heart of a devious LIAR. His apparent sincerity is what has sold this case to so many because people just can't believe someone so sweet and charming could be such a liar.
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