The Ultimate Tourettes Guy Compilation

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The Ultimate Tourettes Guy CompilationThe Ultimate Tourettes Guy Compilation Gecko 1993
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☆ *ORIGINALLY CREATED: May 10, 2012, UPLOADED: May 18, 2012* After all this time, I decided to upload this crap onto YouTube. I believe you have the right to see the best of Danny-Famously known as The Tourettes Guy!
☆ *UPDATE: June 3rd, 2012* This is actually the REAL Video of Origin (in regards to the Creative Commons Attribution). I created this using iMovie along with the Fastest Free Youtube Downloader v.4.2 (Mac version of Video Ripper) to combine EVERY SINGLE Tourettes Guy Clip (even the Rare Sleepwalking, and Pizza Delivery Clips) into one in HIGH DEFINITION 1080p! I had this stored on my Macbook Pro's Storage for the longest time, and I thought YouTube would like this one. I hope you do too. Feel free to remix this video using the Creative Commons Attribution License if you wish. I don't mind at all.
☆ *UPDATE: July 30th, 2012* The Day The Video Reached 10K Views. I never thought it would get THIS big. Thank-You for all the support!
☆ *UPDATE: November 3rd, 2012* The Day The Video Reached 100K Views. Thanks a TON, everyone! Be sure to check out my other videos as well if you have enjoyed.
☆ *UPDATE: December 26th, 2013* The Day The Video Reached 500K Views. If this reaches 1M views, I will be surprised
☆ *UPDATE: July 19th, 2014* The Day The Video Reached 1M Views. 1,000,000 views?! Are you for real? All I did was just upload this video for the LULZ, I didn't expect it to be popular (if not a bit overrated). I hope you all think that this is as funny as I thought. Thank-You!
☆ *UPDATE: January 22, 2016* The Day The Video Reached 1.5 M Views. In regards who originally made these videos, I recommend you go check the Tourettes Guy's actual YouTube Channel: In regards to making a sequel, I don't think I might make a sequel out of respect for him. Go check out his channel. Thank-You.
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