The Train Giant / A-Train 9 Gameplay Preview

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The Train Giant / A-Train 9 Gameplay PreviewThe Train Giant / A-Train 9 Gameplay Preview James Allen
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I'm playing the preview beta of The Train Giant, also known as A-Train 9, a transportation and city building simulation from Japanese developer Artdink and German publisher UIG, coming to the PC March 2nd.

This game has the potential to be pretty sweet: basically a transportation-focused version of SimCity. You lay down tracks and place bus stops, transporting people and goods around each town. You can also place a bunch of different buildings (housing, factories, entertainment) and do stuff on the stock market. The economics also seem to be very detailed. The game didn't come with any documentation (the "help" menu option did nothing) and there are vague in-game messages that haven't been fully translated, so I don't know how to do key things like find out which parts of town need transport, how to actually make rail and bus lines, and how to transport goods around so I can build stuff.
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