Sami Yusuf - Ya Mustafa | Live At Wembley Arena

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Sami Yusuf - Ya Mustafa | Live At Wembley ArenaSami Yusuf - Ya Mustafa | Live At Wembley Arena Awakening Records
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Official live performance video of the track "Ya Mustafa" by Sami Yusuf at UK Concert in October 2007 from Sami Yusuf's album "Al-Mu'allim" and from the DVD "Live at Wembly Arena".
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Sami Yusuf - Ya Mustafa (Live) | Official Music Video
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Lyrics: Bara Kherigi
Melody: Sabri Brothers

Ya Mustafa - Lyrics:

Mustafa, Mustafa, Mustafa.
Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa ya Mustafa
Allahumma salli 'alal Mustafa
(O Allah send your blessings on the Chosen One)
Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa

You're our prophet,
Our beloved,
Truly you are,
Most just and kind (3)

Allahumma salli 'alal Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa
Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa ya Mustafa
You're the Guide
Sent by Allah
To lead us
Towards the light (3)

In your manners
And in your deeds
All the Prophets
You did exceed (3)

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