Queensrÿche - McHenry, IL - July 13, 2013 FULL SHOW!

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Queensrÿche - McHenry, IL - July 13, 2013 FULL SHOW!Queensrÿche - McHenry, IL - July 13, 2013 FULL SHOW! WIRycheFan62
1 h 30 min 22 sec

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Note: Video does not start until a minute and a half after the audio begins - this first 90-seconds is filled with still-shots to fill the gap. There are a couple of additional filming gaps bridged with still-shots later in the video.

This is a Hurricane62 re-author of the LeSinge video synced to a remastered darktrain audio source. Note that there are some gaps in the video, presumably when the taper paused for the camera to save the file or for some other reason that was not explained by the taper. The audio source is continuous from start-to-finish so the gaps (including the intro) were filled with photos from the event. The audio was recorded by darktrain and was remastered by Hurricane62 to improve the low frequencies and then the darktrain audio was synced to the LeSinge video and an audio matrix was created of the two audio sources with the higher quality reamstered darktrain source being the predominant audio that is heard.

Thanks to LeSinge, darktrain, and Hurricane62. Queensrÿche with Todd La Torre RULES!! There is an energy and chemistry with this line-up that has been missing from the band on stage and especially in the studio for years. Go out and pick up the 2013 eponymous CD "Queensrÿche" (available at Century Media, Best Buy, WalMart, Amazon, etc...). Visit and like the Queensrÿche Facebook page and stop by the Queensrÿche website for the latest news and tour information.

00:00 Intro
01:17 Queen of the Reich
05:42 Speak
09:34 Walk In The Shadows
13:56 Redemption
18:40 The Whisper
22:34 En Force
27:54 Child Of Fire
33:30 Warning
39:02 X2-Where Dreams Go To Die
45:12 The Needle Lies
48:37 Prophecy
52:38 My Empty Room
54:24 Eyes Of A Stranger
Encore Break
1:04:16 Fallout
1:07:42 Take Hold Of The Flame
1:12:42 Jet City Woman
1:18:14 Silent Lucidity
1:24:09 Empire


Queensrÿche,McHenry,July 13,Illinois,2013
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