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Katrina Kaif Top Slips Exposes BreastKatrina Kaif Top Slips Exposes Breast ClickKatrinaKaif
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Katrina Kaif Top Slips Exposes Breast - for an interview, this Chikni Chameli wore a sexy short black dress that exposed her cleavage to the max hardly leaving anything to the imagination. and whiel she was giving the interview, her presence of mind saved her from an almost nipslip. yes you heard that right, apparently the dress was so low cut that other than exposing her boobs, it almost caused a nipslip, but thanks to Kat's presence of mind, she immediately felt the dress slipping and in the nick of time pulled it up to save herself form the embarrassing position of nipple exposure, unfortunately, it was too late as the camera capture this frantic moment where she is seen pulling her dress up.
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