Black Trainer Card obtained - 100% complete (live upgrade)

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Black Trainer Card obtained - 100% complete (live upgrade)Black Trainer Card obtained - 100% complete (live upgrade) DrDimentio
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In this video I show my Gold card upgrading to the Black card, as I enter the Pal Park and catch the final 6 Pokemon missing from my Pokedex. Then I show the card, and quickly scroll through the complete Pokedex... except Arceus, which I obtained in the event a while after the video was made.

The Champion Wallace Remix used is by the user PokeRemixStudio, an extremely awesome user. Speaking of awesomeness, the user pokechao196 was a huge help as he traded many rare (such as event-only) Pokemans I needed for my Pokedex. Thanks, man.

Now that I've essentially 100% completed the game (I've also got all Gold Prints in the Frontier, except Thorton's Battle Fagtory where I have Silver. That place is f***ing gay so I'm not going to bother for a while). Anyway, now I'm going to retire from Pokemon for a while to play all my Wii games as all my Wii data was lost. Then I'll upload more awesome videos like normal, yup.

Steps for getting the Black Trainer Card (order doesn't matter, except the first):

1. Defeat Champion Cynthia the first time.
2. Win a Master Rank Super Contest - I used Pichu to win in the Cute category. He had max Cute stat of course, and the moves Return, Frustration, Nasty Plot and... forgot what else, will update later.
3. Get a 100-win streak in the Battle Tower. Watch my 100 Wins video to see my team. Using a fun strategy I ended up with a streak of 197, so yeah.
4. Get the Platinum Flag in the Underground - I had my Pearl and Platinum on my 2 DSes, put the two Secret Bases next to each other, and kept stealing the same flag 50 times to upgrade to the Platinum Flag. Lol, easy.
5. Complete the National Pokedex, all 493 minus event-only Pokemon. By using Emerald, traded Pokemon from GTS and friends on Wi-Fi, and Diamond and Pearl, I accomplished this. All except Arceus, which isn't required of course.

Also, I'm definitely using MP4 format from now on - better quality is worth the slightly longer loading time.
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